25 Best Restaurants

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  • Black Market patrons give up a little elbow room to enjoy one of the city's most diverse menus.
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  • Delectable scallops at Cerulean; (pictured, right) chef-owner Caleb France
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  • Seared sesame tuna in a Thai-chili glaze, dusted with crushed wasabi peas
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  • Fried Chicken Roulade at The Local
  • Cheese board at Traders Point Creamery's Loft
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  • Oakleys Bistro
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  • The Artisan Greens Salad at Peterson's
  • Caramelized leeks dress up a burger at Petite Chou.
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  • A high-end burger at Room Four
  • Banh mi at Rook
  • Shoefly Pie, topped with ginger gelato, is the perfect finish to any meal.
  • With traditions and time-tested methods, St. Elmo offers customers a classy steakhouse experience.
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  • Bedeviled: Eat + Drink gets funky with small plates and cocktails.
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