City Guide 2014

Indianapolis Monthly City Guide is an annual joint publication of Indianapolis Monthly and The Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce.

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42 Things to Love About Indy! Everything we adore about the Circle City, from donuts to beer to gondoliers, including the coolest local-pride tees and great Indy dates. Plus, take our quiz: How "Indy" are you?

Everything you need to know about Indianapolis in one magazine! This publication is a complete resource of the city's dining, shopping, schools, sights, neighborhoods, hospitals, and more. The guide delivers valuable information to residents and visitors alike through hundreds of detailed listings, museum descriptions, and essential contact info for citywide services, attractions, restaurants, and more.

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Indianapolis Monthly City Guide is distributed on newsstands throughout the city each May through the summer months. You can find it at grocery-store checkouts; on bookstore, big-box, and drugstore magazine racks; and in more businesses.

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