February 2013


February 2013

Vol. 36 // Issue 7

Editor’s Note

See Amanda Heckert‘s thoughts here on this issue: “The native knowledge of our readers is something we think about a lot when picking which stories to cover—and especially as we planned this month’s ‘Hidden Indy.’ How to truly surprise our readers, who know this city so well?”


A Brief Plunge into the Hidden World of Indy’s Sewers

John Green goes deep as a different sort of embedded reporter with this exclusive essay on Indy’s unexpected underworld.

COVER STORY: Hidden Indy

Hot hideaways, secluded shops, off-menu morsels, and hush-hush nature escapes: your guide to the city’s little-known gems. (live online March 21)

PROFILE: Glenda Ritz Doesn’t Want to Hear It!

Will the new superintendent of public instruction’s agenda of slowing down reforms advance? Or will her voice be drowned out?


EXTRA: Auto Eroticism

Do today’s rides leave you wanting more? If so, make a date with Ray Skillman Collector Car Sales, where you’ll find about 100 examples of classic American muscle, all winking chrome and plunging fender-lines. These babies might be priced out of your league, but fantasies are free.

Circle City

HOW IT WORKS: NFL Scouting Combine

Here’s the simple math for putting together this annual Indy event.

NOSTALGIA: Remains of the Day

A number of Super Bowl 46 (XLVI) cornerstones scored new life—some close to home.

WHAT I KNOW: Rachel Bogle

The former Miss Indiana contestant always has advice for her fellow singletons—and her quarterback crush. Plus, her three dream dates.

STREET SAVVY: Zionsville

A winery’s extreme dessert and designer kids’ clothes keep the village fresh. Plus, all of our Street Savvy stories to date—from Fishers to Fountain Square, Mass Ave to Carmel. We’ve got the goods on what’s new and fun in the city’s ‘hoods.

Eat + Drink

REVIEW: Cerulean

With a stunning downtown dining room and a delicious fashion sense, Cerulean looks good enough to eat.

SECOND COURSE: The Aristocrat Is Fire Proof

Two years after it went up in flames, the beloved pub-restaurant heats up the scene once more.

FLAVOR OF THE MONTH: Pork Dumplings Recipe

Wonton Desires: Celebrate the Chinese New Year on Feb. 10 with these delights—pan-fried, then steamed.

TOP FIVE: Romantic Tables

From Greenwood to Fishers, with downtown in between, we count down the metro’s best dinner seats.

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BACK HOME AGAIN: Slither of Truth

Call me mean as a snake, but I just don’t like them.
by Philip Gulley


The mountains, orangutans, and sweet wine of Indiana. Ask The Hoosierist.
by Sam Stall


If old entertainers can still pull it off, there’s no reason for the rest of us to feel washed up.

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