An Orange Coke and a Smile


Based on the lines forming at Coke Freestyle machines around the city, you’d think the bright-red boxes were dispensing gold coins instead of Orange Diet Coke and Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. The touch-screen design lets you choose from 22 drinks and then add a flavor, resulting in new sodas like Grape Mello Yello, Raspberry Lime Hi-C, and Heidi Klum’s choice—not to mention a test of patience while the person in front of you tries in vain to create a Freestyle suicide. The machine holds inkjet printer cartridges of flavorings—not syrups—that add up to more than 100 choices and so much time gleefully considering your options that your food might get cold. Called “the Ferrari of coke machines” (because the case was conceived by a company that designs Ferraris), the Freestyle is charming local soda swillers at Firehouse Subs, Pita Pits, Burger Kings, Moe’s Southwest Grills, and the Pei Wei at Glendale. Just do everyone a favor and figure out what you want to drink before you go out. 







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  • JScott

    I enjoy this at Pei Wei. It does sometimes lead to wacky flavors that I really shouldn’t have tried, but that’s the beauty of taste testing.

  • Matt Hunckler

    While it’s interesting that Coca-Cola is trying out new things, there are even more fascinating things going on in the beverage industry. And they’re going on right here in Indy. Most people in my world (tech startups) know about the imaginative ambition of the two Purdue grads that built a machine that can create literally *any* flavored drink combination. I know it sounds like something out of Willy Wonka, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes and tasted it with my own tongue. This audacious startup, uFlavor, is something to behold! I’d love to see a story on what’s new with uFlavor.