Bent about Bent Rail


As we shared back in JulyCraig Baker and Derek Means of The Local Eatery & Pub (14655 N. Gray Rd., Westfield, 317-218-3786) plan to open Bent Rail Brewery & Coffee Co. in the SoBro area, taking over the now-shuttered Monon Fitness Center. The 12,000-square-foot space will serve as restaurant and microbrewery. And the owners describe the menu as Tuscan and French peasant-themed with several house-cured meats, rustic dishes, and gourmet pizzas. For early hours, they plan to sell house-roasted coffee and fresh-baked goods.

The new entity is expected to be as family- and environmentally-friendly as The Local, with plans to grow produce on-site and partner with local schools to teach children about aquaponics. To encourage patrons to bike in, the owners are developing a valet service for two-wheelers, along with a complimentary bike rack for 100. The outdoor area will be used for a variety of events, including live concerts, a beer garden, family lawn chair movie nights, and private and corporate events.

While the overall reception has been favorable, a few of the details—such as the noise and crowds from proposed concerts—are driving local remonstrators cross-eyed. In response, the owners have made significant changes to their plans for the outdoor space, including changing the orientation of the stage and putting limits on the number of events, the capacity, and the hours of operation (concerts will end at 10 p.m.). The owners are also consulting an acoustical engineer to further mitigate any potential sound issues. As far as parking is concerned, in addition to razing the building next door to create a parking lot, Bent Rail has negotiated a deal with DeveloperTown next door to provide more spaces. 

Full details about the concept can be found here

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  • Jeff R.

    “Live concerts”? Why do people think this is a good idea? Count me out.

  • bill

    Managed properly, this is exactly what this area needs. This will enliven the Monon trail which is now lacks activity and people avoid it. This will help link this area to the more active areas to the north and help encourage development south towards 38th Street.

  • Suzy

    This is great news to have family friendly restaurant and events like outdoor family movies. As a “foodie” family we can’t wait


    Awesome addition to the neighborhood! As someone that lives well within earshot, I’d much rather live within a vibrant urban community concentrated along a trails corridor than within a heavy industrial area around an active railroad track. My how times have changed, and I appreciate Indianapolis’ progressive approach to repurposing the industrial remnants of the past. The way I see it is the closer I am to the action the more it’s like living in a loft in the center of town. Property values will only go up and it will be very positive for the neighborhood.