Drinking Games at Victory Field


Indy’s largest brewer, Sun King, appears to have conquered another frontier. At the taps at Victory Field, you can no longer order a Razz-Wheat or Victory Amber, both produced by Oaken Barrel in Greenwood. In their place is Victory Lager, a site-specific brew from Sun King.

Last year, baseball fans could buy cans of Sun King’s Wee Mac and Sunlight beers, but the southside offerings were still on tap. Now, with the new Sun King flowing, it appears Oaken Barrel is out of its longstanding relationship with the baseball field. And not only are the 16-ounce Sun King cans available at the Captain Morgan Cove counter, but a dedicated Sun King beer man strolls through the crowd, hawking both varieties plus the brewer’s Osiris Pale Ale. The job was offered to the field’s energetic beer-selling staff, and, says one Coors-and-Miller-toting worker, the Sun King man is outselling him 4 to 1.

Fans of the Oaken Barrel varieties can be assured that all is not lost. You can still purchase Razz-Wheat and Indiana Amber (the “Victory” was just a name change for the brew inside the ballpark) at Oaken Barrel’s restaurant and in stores.

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  • Mark

    Thanks for the info. I’m a Sun King man myself. This doesn’t disappoint me at all. They must be hanging on to the Coors Light to fulfill a contract obligation. I’m guessing the revenue will win over.

    • Matt

      Thats great that Sunking is pushing their beer harder than ever, but for preaching about ‘Support Local Beer’, these guys sure don’t know how to play well with others… I’m a big fan of both Sunking and Oaken Barrel, but I just disagree with Sunking taking exclusive rights to craft beer at Victory Field. How about sharing a peice of the pie???