Amber Indian Restaurant


Servers in crisp maroon dress shirts deftly work this white-tablecloth Northern Indian restaurant where a $10 lunch buffet lures the nearby office-park crowds with its steam table bins of tandooris, curries, dals, and masalas. At dinner, tables are set more formally with baskets of the lentil cracker papadum, which provide a nice base for experimenting with the tabletop caddy of sauces—bright green chutney, sweet tamarind, and hot onion chutney—while perusing the menu. A full section of tandoori specialties includes several chicken treatments as well as fish and kebabs. Regulars get addicted to the creamy butter chicken and the malai kofta veggie balls. But the chicken korma, in its mild but fragrant sauce of garlic, ginger, and cashews, is heaven on a bed of basmati. 

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