King David Dogs


Downtown’s only permanent hotdog stand set tails wagging six years ago with a focused menu of all-beef, quarter-pound wieners, a toppings bar, and tater tots. The menu steers customers toward recommended combinations, like the best-selling Chicago dog, piled high and crowned with neon-green relish, and the double-dare Dogaroni, gussied up with mac ‘n’ cheese. You could make a meal out of the Monster, a twist on nachos using French fries and tater tots as a base for the works (we didn’t say a healthy meal). A new breakfast menu puts diced dogs to use in biscuits and gravy, and while the red casing turns the gravy pink and makes the dish look like something a kid would make on Mother’s Day, it doesn’t disappoint—but nor does it outshine the flavorful Southwest burrito, stuffed with tots, eggs, bacon, cheese, and salsa.

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