Squealers Award-Winning BBQ


Only a fool wastes calories at Squealers Award-Winning BBQ on anything but the meat, slow-cooked over cherry wood. Try the three best in the Smokin’ Pit Sampler: pulled pork, at its smoky peak when chock-full of pinky charred ends; tender, savory slices of beef brisket; and baby-back ribs, a mix of the joint’s two trademark sauces—sweet and hot—thinly coating the pig. The mostly flavorless sides lack attention; it’s no surprise the gloppy baked beans and mayo-laden coleslaw don’t rate as “famous,” a word thrown around the menu with abandon. Luckily for this wannabe honky-tonk, an outpost of the original Mooresville location, a local beer selection and good blues music make up for any disappointments.

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