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From the editor of Indianapolis Monthly Home 2018:

Going Green

If you’ve spent any time  on Pinterest, you’ve likely seen lush corners of uber-cool homes spilling over with greenery. Inspired, you stopped by the local nursery and picked up a plant or two, only to find a few months (or even weeks) later that it had turned into a brown crumbling fern or shriveled succulent. We’ve all been there. I, for one, never asked for the plant life. The plant life was thrust on me when someone gave my boyfriend a potted aloe vera. He set it in the middle of his shady apartment, and it promptly began to grow at a 90-degree angle. After doing some research, I repotted it, insisted that he find a way to put it near a window, and took over the watering regimen. Its withered tips plumped up, and new leaves sprouted straight up.

Over time, my confidence grew, as did my collection of plants. Yours can, too. With the right tools and a little common sense (which we try to provide on page 32), anyone can have a green thumb. Well, almost anyone. A plant’s survival mostly depends on light, and if your home just doesn’t have the right amount, you may have to look elsewhere for stylish home décor. Good thing we’ve got you covered on that end, too. Check out some of our favorite trends this year, starting on page 12. Personally, I love the array of items decked out in Pantone’s Color of the Year, ultraviolet.

Then, peek inside some of the chicest homes in the city. One couple filled their condo’s shared workspace with tons of cool art and custom pieces (p. 20). Another family, inspired by their cross-country travel, built an extremely modern, minimalist home in Zionsville (p. 40). The home uses materials and design ideas from coast to coast, and its expansive windows make the surrounding fields and forests the star of the home.

Regardless of what you’re drawn to, I hope you find inspiration in these pages. It’s spring! Throw out that dingy couch you’ve had for 15 years. Paint the living room a new color. And—gosh darn it—keep trying to grow those houseplants.

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