My Super Job: Ben Snyder


Name: Ben Snyder

Day Job: Marketing Coordinator at the Indiana Repertory Theatre

Super Job: Performer in Madonna's Halftime Show

What I do: It's a secret ... I signed a lot of paperwork that obligates me to keep it all on the hush.

Been doing it since: Costume fitting and first rehearsal were on January 25.

How did you find out about this gig? A friend sent me the casting info through Facebook. I sent in my headshot and resume--I'm also an actor with some experience in musical theater--and the production team invited me to be part of the show.

Perks of My Super Job: Performing with Madonna. Been dreaming about this since I first danced along to The Immaculate Collection on cassette tape when I was 7 years old. Still can't believe it.

Going to the game? Nope. I'll be busy getting ready, I imagine.

Super Bowl winner prediction: I'll be performing with Madonna, so I'm the real winner! But seriously, I have no idea. Not really invested in the actual game.

Dream celebrity encounter during SB weekend: Duh.


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