Thoughts from the First Half


Having watched almost one half of my first Super Bowl, I can say there’s one (and only one) advantage to watching it at home: the commercials. While most of the world is watching a hilarious M&Ms or Bud Light ad, those of us in the stands are watching an inspirational video from Tony Dungy or past Super Bowl highlights on the big screen. 

Beyond that, the NFL puts on a great live show. The production value of everything about this game, right down to the holographic Official Program (see photo), is very high end. And Lucas Oil Stadium feels big enough for this stage. I was skeptical about Indy ever bidding for another Super Bowl, but after what I’ve seen today, I wouldn’t be surprised if the city “Goes for Two” as the banner on the Pan Am building says.  

Oh, and the football hasn’t been bad either. The Giants look like the better team so far, even if New England went up by 1 late in the first half. But something tells me Tom Brady will have a huge final 30 minutes. 

Madonna waits in the wings …

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