Worst. Celebrity Photo. Ever.


IMG_1338-001If you were Alec Baldwin walking down Washington Street with a mob of fans on your heels, you’d be moving quickly too. The star of 30 Rock (and by far the most talented Baldwin) hosted the NFL Honors ceremony in Indy last night, and he appeared to be making his way back to the Conrad Hotel around 1 p.m. The guy was simply moving too fast to get a better shot.

Alas. But we’ll always have Baldwin’s impersonation of Denver quarterback Tim Tebow from last night’s event, which drew plenty of laughs.


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  • JScott

    I can never decide what to think of Mr. Baldwin. He’s such a winner in his 30 Rock performance — playing himself basically? — and then there’s calling his tween daughter a “pig” on a voicemail message to her. How he ever landed Kim Basinger is one of life’s mysteries.