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Home of the Month

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Home Of The Month: Above And Beyond

The commanding facade, with its mix of brick, ornate cast-iron detailing, arched windows, and Corinthian columns, has fared well over the years, thanks in part to the local historical society’s jurisdiction on the exterior.

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Home Of The Month: Healing Waters

Laibe named her home Esther, inspired by a Bible verse, “Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created.”

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Home Of The Month: Old Soul

A designer’s modern farmhouse honors the look of rural life with a blend of European antiques and American trends.

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Home Of The Month: Meridian Hills

An interior designer and woodworker apply their crafts in a Meridian Hills home that has become Instafamous.

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Home Of The Month: The Good Host

That’s the thing about the Dicks—they go out of their way to make others feel welcome.

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Home Of The Month: Williams Creek

“Just because you hire a designer doesn’t mean you don’t have style or personality.”

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Home Of The Month: Fort Benjamin Harrison

Brick arches! Six fireplaces! A wraparound porch!

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Home Of The Month: Broad Ripple Bungalow

“This is about uncovering more potential within the footprint of the bungalow,” says homeowner Lori Losee.

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Home Of The Month: Kitsch Perfect

“I don’t want things in my house that you can find in anyone else’s house.”
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Home Of The Month: Once Upon A Time

“Everywhere you turn, I tried to make something fun and unexpected, a little bit different.”

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Home Of The Month: The Frost House

Constructed of steel and aluminum modules in different colors, the Frost House winks at passing drivers like a mondrian painting in the middle of a forest.

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Home Of The Month: Light Box

A modern smart home at Geist.

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Home Of The Month: American Gothic

What Blake Richardson did with his 1,100-square-foot home will drop your jaw.

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Home Of The Month: Clean Living

Among a row of gingerbread-trimmed cottages in Fletcher Place sits a narrow new build full of right angles and squares. The modern design is intentional and bold, especially for this quaint little street where most homes date from 1857 to 1930. The owner, Joe Shoemaker, a graphic designer turned real-estate agent, and One 10 Studio […]

Angie Wendricks
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Home of the Month: Cottage Cool In Markleville

Thousands of people admire this Indianapolis-area house on the owner’s blog and Instagram account, and the purity they see—and the clutter that’s absent—are authentic.