The Shot, One Year Later

On the anniversary of the IU-Kentucky game, we gathered the best videos of Christian Watford’s unforgettable buzzer beater.


Dec. 10. Is there any sweeter date for fans of IU basketball? Last year on this day, Christian Watford hit The Shot against Kentucky that will go down as one of the biggest plays in the Hoosier team’s history. Even the spot on the floor where he pulled up has become hallowed ground (students call it the Wat Spot). The play that dashed the then–No. 1 Wildcats’ hopes of a perfect season generated a lot of good video. ESPN ran the network’s footage in a commercial so frequently that we almost—almost—got sick of it. But there were plenty of other clips, too. On the anniversary of the play that turned the now–No. 1 Hoosiers around, here are some of our favorites:

• For the purists, there is the video of the entire game.

• Fans of IU radio announcer Don Fischer (and who isn’t?) can watch the end of the game with his classic call in the background.

Here is some chaotic footage taken from the student section as the game ends and fans rush the court.

• This video of the celebration at Nick’s English Hut in Bloomington makes us wish we were there.

• A hilarious spoof of Hitler (a Kentucky fan, of course) receiving the news that his team has lost.

The ESPY Awards made it official in July: Aaron Rodgers and Zooey Deschanel announced that Watford’s shot had won Best Play of the Year.

What great videos are we missing?

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