Story Lines from IU’s Exhibition Game

The Hoosiers roll past Indiana Wesleyan, but not without a few concerns.


“Exhibition game” was an excellent term for it, because there was plenty on display in IU’s 86-57 win over Indiana Wesleyan last night. Maurice Creek came off the bench (where he has been sitting for two years with an injury) to a standing ovation, and he earned it with a team-high 12 points. But especially in the first half, IU’s defense looked terrible. And concerns about Hanner Mosquera-Perea, the Hoosiers’ second-best recruit (after Yogi Ferrell, who started), continued on two fronts. The freshman did not play due to a foot injury that has nagged him for months. And with just eight days until IU’s first official game against Bryant, the NCAA has still not determined whether he even will be eligible.

Worried? Tom Crean seems to have his eye on the various developments.

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