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Historic black and white photo of a man throwing a football from the stands to begin an NFL game.
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Backtrack: The Colts’ First-Ever Home Game

Out of the gate.

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Colts at Bat

Colts at Bat Indianapolis Colts players and cheerleaders, plus mascot Blue, stop by the diamond to snap pictures and sign autographs.

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Indianapolis Colts Host 12th Annual Gift-Giving Event For Kids

“To me, this is more important than anything we do on the field.”

Ryan Kelly copy
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Quick Q&A with Colts First Round Draft Pick Ryan Kelly

“I grew up in Cincinnati, so I’m not totally unaccustomed to snow. And when it comes to challenging weather, I don’t think anything compares to the summer heat in Alabama.”

Edgerrin James
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Colts Q&A: Edgerrin James, HOF Semifinalist

Now a semifinalist for inclusion in the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s class of 2016, James has the most career rushing yards of any eligible NFL running back not currently in the Hall.

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Kid Stuff for Colts Nice Guy Dwayne Allen

Colts tight end Dwayne Allen ran a route to Indy’s Coburn Place Safe Haven to promote domestic-violence prevention and assistance for victims and survivors.

Colts Patriots
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Speed Read: Colts vs. Patriots

Pretty boy Tom Brady served no time for the Deflategate crime, and there’s a sense that justice has not been served—yet.

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The Replay: Colts, Matt Hasselbeck, and Stephanie White

Backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck continues to yank the Colts back from the brink of disaster in Andrew Luck’s absence. For the second time in five days, the 40-year-old rallied Indianapolis to a win over an AFC Sloth opponent.

Taylor Swift Grammy
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UPDATED: The Colts Quarterback Situation in 9 GIFs

From give them all the trophies now to throwing up at 2 a.m., the Colts quarterback situation has seen better seasons.

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Tweets of the Town: Colts 0-2 Edition

The Colts sucked. Twitter did not. Here are some of the best tweets from the Colts monday night loss.

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Tweets of the Week: Colts Opener Edition

A sampling of the top tweets from the Colts opener. “We’re doomed.”

Colts Dwayne Allen
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Ask Me Anything: Colts’ Dwayne Allen

“I just love gummy bears. I used to get a couple pounds from a candy store in Carmel.”

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The Replay: Mark Cuban, Lil Bub, and the Colts

The Colts hang fire.

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The Replay: Colts, Bob Kravitz, and Yogi Ferrell

The Colts make a pick, and a columnist comes unglued.

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The Replay: Ron Hunter, Purdue, and the Colts

Purdue falls—and so does former IUPUI coach Ron Hunter.