President and Publisher: Keith Phillips

Editor-In-Chief: Michael Rubino

Design Director: Todd Urban

Deputy Editor: Daniel S. Comiskey

Director of Editorial Operations: Megan Fernandez

Dining Editor: Julia Spalding

Managing Editor: Kelly Kendall

Digital Editor: Derek Robertson

Associate Art Director: Margo Wininger

Photographer: Tony Valainis

Production Manager: Mike Botkin

Advertising Art Coordinator: Megan Maguire

Special Projects Editor: Laura Kruty

Special Projects Art Director: Allison Edwards

Special Sections Director: Andrea Ratcliff

Contributing Editors: Robert Annis, Alicia Garceau, Terry Kirts, Suzanne Krowiak, Amy Lynch, Sam Stall, Adam Wren

Account Executives: Carrie Hannigan, Jared Hay, Nancy Oliphant, Holly South, Rhonda Turner

Director of Special Events: Abby Broderick

Office Manager: Christy Moore

Emmis Publishing President: Greg Loewen

Vice President/Finance: Melinda Marshall

Executive Assistant: Rita Cherry