Top Five Writing Nooks

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You might be an occasional poet. You might be haphazardly trying to finish your first novel as part of National Novel Writing Month (affectionately referred to by participants as NaNoWriMo). Or, maybe you’re really into blogging. Either way, you’re probably looking for a space that lets you think freely, gets the inspiration flowing, and helps you dedicate yourself to your work. Some authors create a writing room in their own home. If your budget (or your landlord) frowns on that, never fear—you can always find an alternative.

If you want a writing community, a source of inspiration, or just a quiet place to think, you can check out one of these five hot spots local creatives have been frequenting.

 Cornerstone Coffee House

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This coffeehouse full of books is a great place to open up your laptop—or notebook, if you’re really old-school—and start chugging away at your future masterpiece. It’s even a great place to find writing meet-ups, if working alone just isn’t your style.

Indianapolis Public Library

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If you’re looking for a classic spot, try your local library. There are plenty of seats for writing, and the classic arches, rows of books, and sky-high windows could spark some inspiration.

Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library

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Stuck? Take a break and visit the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library for some inspiration from the greats. Browse the selection of books and artwork or type up a message on Vonnegut’s typewriter. You could even be published—the staff posts the best messages on a special Twitter account.

Coal Yard Coffee

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What would writers be without their coffee? Get your caffeine fix and your daily dose of art at this Irvington joint.


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It’s less write-y, more read-y, but this independent bookstore is a great place to meet established Indiana authors. You can even pick up a few well-read gems to take home.