No Joker: 10 Questions for TV Batman Adam West

The ’60s Caped Crusader and current <em>Family Guy</em> mayor visits Indy this weekend for Awesome Con. But he answered our bat signal first.

Do you have any idea how many people in my lifetime have asked if I’m related to Adam West?
I can imagine. The same thing happened to Kanye West.
Who’s your favorite movie Batman?
That’s tough, because I’ve never watched the movies all the way through. Only bits and pieces when I can, or when they’ve popped up on a television somewhere.
You didn’t rush out to see them at the theater?
No. Look, I’m a Batman fan. Of our stuff. In other words, we were doing a social satire. A comedic kind of show. And these guys are doing something entirely different. They’re taking themselves very seriously, and they’re doing something dark, Gothic, and quite violent—and grotesque in certain areas.
Hotter Catwoman: Eartha Kitt or Halle Berry?
I can’t say. Batman was a man of honor and good manners. But just between us, Julie Newmar was more familiar, in that I worked with her more. And she was in the first episodes. She just immediately got that kind of sense of what it was (not that the others didn’t). And she had the world’s tallest legs.
How did you stay fit enough to fill out that Batman costume as well as you did?
I think just by virtue of doing it every day. And I was a bit of a jock early on and before I started Batman, so that helped. I grew up on a farm and played a lot of sports, and rode a lot of horses. And a goat or two.

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Think you could still squeeze into that old Batman costume?
I’m wearing it now.
How similar is the Family Guy Adam West to the real Adam West?
Dissimilar. On Family Guy, playing the mayor is nothing more than expanding on the more zany or quirkier aspects of my personality. That’s why Seth [MacFarlane, the show’s creator] and I got together, because we had the same kind of comic sensibilities. I’m playing an absurd, exaggerated version of myself. Which makes it funny and fun. For an actor to last, to have longevity in this business, you can’t be afraid. You can’t be too reluctant to make fun of yourself.
The material on Family Guy can be, shall we say, off-color …
It’s downright dirty and crude.
Have you ever read one of your lines on the show and rejected it because it went too far?
How frequently?
Every time.

Adam West is appearing at Awesome Con Oct. 3–5. Single-day passes $25 to $30; “Dynamic Duo VIP” passes, including special access to West and Burt Ward (a.k.a. Robin), $350. 240-346-0399. Indiana Convention Center, 100 S. Capitol Ave.