Tracking the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay

Check back for a weekly look at where the Torch is now.

What better place to kick off an annual event celebrating Indiana and its history than Corydon, the Hoosier state’s first capital? This past Friday, first torchbearer Judy O’Bannon lit the flame in order to commence the 3,200-mile relay. Continuing in true Hoosier-landmarks fashion, the final leg of the relay in Marion County will begin at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and conclude at the Indiana Statehouse on October 15.


Last Saturday, the Torch traveled to Spencer County, the fourth stop, for a quick ride on Crow’s Nest in Holiday World.


Bike it, sail it, run it, or drive it, the list of acceptable torch-transportation methods is pretty adaptable, as long as it complements Indiana heritage of course. This nominee chose to tote the torch in classic American style across Posey County in an antique Ford, no less.


Mini torchbearers stood watch as the Torch Relay caravan passed through Knox County, the ninth and final stop before rest day, this past Sunday. Celebrating Indiana’s 200th birthday with adorable and homemade signage, these girls represent what the Torch Relay experience is all about—connecting generations for a, well, brighter future.