Walking around the Circle, you may have noticed the faint etchings of names in the bricks. In the late 1970’s, Commission for Downtown began a revitalization project that included re-bricking Monument Circle and allowed citizens to have their names engraved there in return for a small donation. These are the stories of the individuals, families, and companies whose names can be found engraved along the most famous streets in the city.

Both Peggy Colby, 71, and her husband Jack Colby, 71, have bricks located on West Market Street, just off Monument Circle. But don’t ask them exactly where. The retired couple (Peggy once owned the Mole Hole at the Fashion Mall) may have found a home downtown, but they never could find their bricks. 

Peggy: Oh, that was a long time ago. I think our whole family got them as Christmas presents one year from my mother-in-law and, to be honest, we never went to look at them.

Jack: I don’t recall anyone ever giving us a map or anything of where they were placed. I don’t even know where ours are.

Peggy: You’re the first person in all these years to mention anything about it; no one has ever said that they’ve seen our names.

Jack: Where did you say it was? Market Street? Well, we’ll have to go look for it.

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