Cultural Trail Finally Reaches The Circle

The Circle Citizen has waited patiently these past few years as pieces of the Cultural Trail seemed to appear everywhere but the heart of the city. Like his friends in Fountain Square, he started to wonder if the $55 million sidewalk would ever actually find its way to his door.

Well, the wait is over.

A few weeks ago, bulldozers and backhoes tore up Washington Street just south of the Monument. (If the Circle Citizen had to drive this route, he would not be so pleased.) And in the last few days, beautiful hexagonal and rectangular pavers have been going in along the north side of the “Old National Road” from Alabama Street to White River State Park.

Of course, most of the recent media attention devoted to this section of the Trail relates to Fred Wilson’s controversial proposed sculpture of a freed slave—a work that would reference a figure on the Monument and was to be installed in front of the City County Building (now on hold).

But the Circle Citizen is just happy to have a pleasant path on which to stroll to the IRT, JW Marriott, and places beyond.

What do you think of the Cultural Trail so far?

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