The Most Uncomfortable-Looking Costumes at Gen Con

We applaud the ingenuity and construction of these elaborate costumes—and the commitment to wear them on a humid August day.


Steampunk Doc Ock, a stylized twist on a Spider-Man villain with moving tentacles, wins our pick for best costume.

Gen Con Steampunk Oc2

Gen Con Steampunk Oc3

Gen Con Doc OcThe classic Doc Ock. We admire this pair’s coordination.

Gen Con GhostbustersSpeaking of coordination, kudos to this quartet of Ghostbusters

Gen Con Ghostbuster2… with back-breaking proton packs.

Gen Con ChewyThis is how Joshua Bell attends Gen Con incognito—as Chewbacca.

Gen Con Malificent1

Gen Con Malificent2Maleficent‘s wings operate on pulleys. Who thinks of this?!

Gen Con swamp creatureWhen we asked Man-Thing for an ID, it shrieked into our ear.

Gen Con trollThis unnamed troll had a built-in growl sound effect.

Gen Con SpidermanAww, hugs! But a Deadpool bodysuit in August? Sticky.

Gen Con soldierCardboard does not breathe, Mr. Futuristic Soldier Drone (aka Samus Aran, who’s actually a woman).

Gen Con Iron ThroneMajor creativity points to the woman who dressed as the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones. Nice appliques.

Gen Con jumping stiltsThis satyr—a class of “lustful, drunken warlord gods,” according to Google—approximates horse hooves with jumping stilts. They work!

Gen Con StormtrooperRemember when Gen Con was mainly just Stormtroopers?

Gen Con forest princessA self-described evil forest goddess carries a lovely lace parasol and wears a newsprint corset. Now you know.

Gen Con Anime WarriorThe assassin Suspect 7 is well-ventilated, but those shoulder plates and hip guards look too confining for summer comfort.