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This Locally Made Lotion Is Getting Us Through The Unholy Winter

Thank our lucky stars that we spotted Knot & Thread’s Citrus Solid Lotion Stick among the thousands of goodies for sale at Yelp! Totally Bazaar last month. Knot & Thread is a Noblesville quilter and sewer, but owner Kimberly Hicks happens to dabble in a few beauty products, too. We picked up the fat lotion stick ($6 for 2 oz.) as one item to help fill a gorgeous hand-stitched K&T basket that we gifted to a friend—and we grabbed an extra, too. This little champ has been a secret weapon in the fight between our mortal skin and savage arctic blasts this month. It’s easy to swipe right onto the creases of fingers and knuckles most vulnerable to splitting, especially on the go, for multiple applications during the day. The lotion is all-natural (the primary ingredients are several types of healing butters and oils, plus beeswax from an apiary near Hicks) and smells sweetly of oranges and coconut. We say “secret” weapon because the stick isn’t available in stores and or even on Knot & Thread’s website. To order, send a private message to Hicks through the K&T Facebook page. Unfortunately, we think it will arrive long before this brutal weather goes away.


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