Letters to Santa Claus (Indiana)

Often hilarious, the letters to Santa Claus, Indiana, are a gift to us all.
While you’ve been shopping, the elves at the Santa Claus Museum in Santa Claus, Indiana, have been answering letters to Saint Nick. Almost 15,000 pieces of mail a year arrive there from all over the world, and each one gets a reply. The best from the 1930s to date have been collected in IU Press’s new Letters to Santa Claus. Here, a sampling of this year’s letters, with notes from elves (actually museum employees) who have seen a lot of them.

“I want a tent and a swimming pool. Oh, and can you tell the Tooth Fairy I said hi.”
CHARLES Mill Creek, West Virginia

The Elves Say
“I imagine Santa and the other holiday figures all get together to exchange stories at least once a year, right? Actually, what we see more and more of is children asking Santa to say hi to ‘their Elf’ (with names like Steve).”

“So the reindeers want carrots and you want Pepsi and pasta for Christmas this year. Great choice!”
AVA Oviedo, Florida

The Elves Say
“Although milk and cookies for Santa (and carrots for the reindeer) are the most common food offerings, if you take a look at our letters on display at the museum, you’ll see sandwiches (1970s), pizza (1990s), and burritos (2014) mentioned. Some children say they won’t leave cookies because Santa needs to lose some weight.”

“I want the Paw Patroler, Santa. I’ve been a good boy this year.”
SCOTT Montpelier, Indiana

The Elves Say
“A lot of letters are just wish lists like this. We’ve had some with 60 or more items requested. But there are also lots of letters that ask Santa to take care of the poor, or focus on those children who don’t receive many gifts.”

“I would like an iPad for Christmas this year. I will be good at school and stay out of trouble. And I will take care of the iPad.”
KAININ Henderson, Kentucky

The Elves Say
“Requests for phones, tablets, and video-game systems make up a large percentage of Christmas wishes. It’s jarring if you compare a 2015 Christmas wish list with one from the 1930s, where the children are only asking for footballs or dolls.”

“All I want for Christmas is to be (someday) happily married. No more bullshit. Also, a new snowboard.”
CAIT Garden Grove, California

The Elves Say
“This letter made us laugh, but it would also be one that the Elves could never display at the Santa Claus Museum. We are a family-friendly destination.”