Rooster Tale: Cocky Bird Descends on Monument Circle

Department of Public Works trash collectors faced a cocky newcomer on Monument Circle today.

A rooster appeared as they were collecting trash, even diving into an empty-but-icy fountain in front of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. Ultimately, Animal Control officers were called, and cornered the not-so-angry bird before departing with it.

While a rooster on the Circle may seem to reinforce the outdated rural-Hoosier-huckster cliche, it’s worth noting that male chickens commonly run rampant on the streets of, say, Brooklyn, New York. (Fret not, Indianapolitans—we have arrived!)

Naturally, @IndyRooster soon took to Twitter. “You’ll recognize me from my performance on Indy’s Circle,” says the bird’s bio. He had 46 followers as of 2 p.m., 87 by 3:30, and 117 at 4:15, the time of this post. In other news, Indy residents are bored.

A lot of the rooster’s follows a direct result of reaching out to various media entities and personalities around town, presumably from his new place in captivity. (“Whoa! Not cool,” he crowed about our story on Indy’s best chicken wings.)

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