Street Savvy: Post Road

Fort Ben is an underrated oasis—and not just in the state park, but on its main drag, too.

Tee Up

Pete Dye is said to have called it “the damnedest piece of ground I’ve ever seen.” Nonetheless, the famed golf-course designer transformed the existing links into the public Fort Golf Resort and charged just $1 for his services. The result earned a top spot on Golf Digest’s list of Best Affordable New Public Courses. 6002 N. Post Rd., 317-543-9597

Fort Harrison State Park aka Fort Ben, isn’t just walking paths—though it has plenty of those through its bucolic 1,700 acres. You can also rent a horse, ride your bike, and see reenactments featuring a battlefield trench system at the Museum of 20th Century Warfare. 6000 N. Post Rd., 317-591-0904

Will nine tons of pink salt from Poland and zero-gravity chairs relieve joint pain or arthritis? According to the new Indianapolis Salt Cave and Halotherapy Center, they could. According to science, though, you shouldn’t count on any more from your visit than a relaxing hour in an unusual environment (Indy’s first salt cave) sans cell phone. 8899 Kent Ave., 317-991-4921

Move In

Anchoring a master-planned community, The Residences at Lawrence Village at the Fort include 74 single-family homes, some of which are large Craftsmans, a short walk from the YMCA, seasonal farmers market, and restaurants. The fetching designs start at $247,000 and 1,768 square feet. 5735 Buskirk Dr., 317-644-0909

Sure, you can fall back on pad Thai, but there are more adventurous choices (like a savory pork-belly stew with tofu and egg) at the year-old Phaya Thai Street Food. Traditional dishes are on the menu, but the primary concept is inspired by typical fast-food stalls in Bangkok that serve chosen toppings on a bed of rice, allowing customers to sample multiple offerings at once. 5645 N. Post Rd., 317-802-7543