The Hoosierist: Overheard at Comic Con

Amusing notes from Indy’s comic-book convention.

Like the pickle atop a tenderloin sandwich, these occasional briefs from The Hoosierist make a good thing (his monthly Q&A column) better.

The Hoosierist spent a chunk of last weekend at Indiana Comic Con, eavesdropping on the colorful visitors. He heard lots of complaints about the lack of parking, bemusement at the number of girls portraying Harley Quinn, and quite a few nerdtastic gems about comics and cosplay in general. Here’s a selection.

“Thor gets the burger. Spider-Man gets the Coke.”
—Concession-stand worker sorting out food orders

 “I came as Black Widow because the costume covers up my arm tat.”
—Woman dressed as Black Widow

“Do you just have the little Alien face-hugger, or do you have the big one too?”
—Customer at vendor booth

“That was the car Batman used to drive. He traded it in for a new Batmobile.”
—Father explaining the on-display 1960s TV-show Batmobile to his son

“I need that broadsword. I really, really need it.”
—Child at a booth selling fake medieval weaponry

“There’s like, maybe six Harley Quinns in here already.”
—Disappointed girl dressed as the Joker’s sidekick, Harley Quinn

“Is my makeup sweating off?”
—Another girl dressed as Harley Quinn

“I’m not anybody. I just have pink hair.”
—Girl asked what character she was portraying

“If you spill that on my costume, I’m leaving you here.”
—Man in Halo armor to friend wielding slushy

“Oh, man. S—’s about to get real.”
—Bystander watching toddlers dressed as Spider-Man and Thor size each other up


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