Tracking the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay: Days 4–5

Check back for a weekly look at where the Torch is now.
After a brief rest day on Monday, the Torch Relay caravan was eating up the pavement again yesterday as the flame made its way through Pike, Daviess, and Martin/Crane counties. Currently, the torch is making its way through Dubois, Orange, and Lawrence counties, so make sure to download the Indiana Bicentennial Relay Mobile App for a near-real-time GPS on the torch’s current location.

If Hoosier spirit wasn’t enough to lure you out to the streets and watch the torch pass by, perhaps free admission at nine of Indiana’s State Parks will do the trick. Just follow the torch to any of these upcoming participating state parks: Spring Mill Park is hosting the flame today, September 14, and Brown County State Park will host it next Tuesday, September 20.

As the Torch Relay is meant to bring together our communities and, well, honor our Hoosier roots, Michele Whitehair gives a thorough recap of our home state’s heritage. Take a look here!


The elementary and high-school students at North Daviess took a break from schoolwork to watch the Torch Relay caravan pass by their school yesterday afternoon.

Dubois’s community was showing some massive support, and giving Daviess a run for their money, as the torch began its daily journey this morning. Clearly, it’s a take-a-selfie-with-a-torch kind of day. The fixture is a product of Purdue student engineering so, naturally, this thing comes with the works: HD camera for photos and videos that link to social media, Wi-Fi connectivity, and near-real-time GPS tracking, all packed into an aluminum shell that weighs in just under five pounds. You know, 21st-century technology, and all that.

From free state park admissions to pictures that make our hearts swell, a lot has happened this week during the Torch Relay. So much support and heart within these communities, and we’re not even halfway through the journey. Make sure to stay tuned for more bi-weekly updates about the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay!