Unspoken Rules: Dyngus Day at the Chatterbox

A manner-festo for the bar’s annual post-Lent polka party, April 17.
  • Brush up on the chicken dance. You’ll stick out as a rookie if you flap when you should clap.
  • Why the chicken dance? Because it’s a polka.
  • Polkas originated in Czechoslovakia, not Poland. Shhh.
  • Odd clothes and bright colors are optional but a plus.
  • Owner David Andrichik will man the grill. Order the works: kielbasa with mustard and sauerkraut simmered in beer and brown sugar.
  • Arrive early. The grill shuts down at 9 p.m., or when the kielbasa runs out.
  • When the 30-year event veterans start dancing on the sidewalk, the coast is clear to polka al fresco.