Unspoken Rules: Indy Pride Week

A manner-festo for the LGBTQ party June 2-9.
Know your history. Pride is a tribute to the Stonewall Riots of June 1969.

Show respect by studying up on correct pronouns and phrases.

Catch the drag pageant. It’s now one of the country’s few “non-binary” contests—so, not just for cisgender men performing as queens.

Pack a rainbow parasol in case you don’t snag a shady spot for watching the parade.

Leather, sequins, glitter, and bare skin are encouraged. But don’t stare.

Boozy brunches take place up and down Mass Ave, and most servers are pulling doubles, so tip well.

Cheer loudest for the oldest parade participants—they’ve been fighting the longest.

After a day in the sun, make time for a disco nap before trying to close down Metro.