The Mascots

Two of our hometown universities are cheering along with new live mascots this year. We got to know both of them a little better, and found that while Grady and Blue live on different sides of town, they both like to bark up a few of the same trees.

dog mascots grady

The University of Indianapolis introduced Grady the Greyhound, its first live mascot in nearly 40 years, last fall.

Full name: C. Greyson Veritas, a nod to the school colors of crimson and grey, and the Latin word for “truth.”

Nickname: Grady

Former name: Boss Ring Toss

Age: 2

Background: Retired racing greyhound from Daytona, Florida. UIndy adopted him from Greyhound Pets of America—Indianapolis.

Handler: Coran Sigman, a 2014 UIndy alum.

Favorite snack: Peanut butter or Three Dog Bakery creations, especially Peanut Butter Oat treats.

Favorite toy: Frank the Dragon

Belly rubs or head scratches: Head scratches

Special tricks: He’s a sighthound, so he can see farther than most dogs, and hunts by sight, not scent. Campus squirrels, beware.

Follow Grady on Instagram here.

dog mascots BlueThe “Butler Bulldog” mascot was born in 1919, when one fraternity’s English bulldog, Shimmy, roamed into the school newspaper offices. But it wasn’t until 2000 that the live mascot program became official. Here’s Blue IV, photographed just a few days after he was crowned the newest university rep.

Full name: Butler Blue IV

Nickname: Blue

Age: 3 months

Background: Bred by Cameron and Jodi Madaj of Greenwood, Indiana.

Handlers: Evan Krauss, class of 2016, and his wife, Kennedy.

Favorite snack: He’s really only had milk so far, but if he follows in the paw-steps of Blue III, Trip, he’ll be gobbling up Hinkle Fieldhouse popcorn in no time.

Favorite toy: Basketballs.

Favorite pastime: Cheering on the Butler Bulldogs.

Belly rubs or head scratches: Neither. Butt scratches.

Special tricks: Melting your face with cuteness.

Snuggles or solo: Couch snuggles all day, every day.

Socializing or quiet: Socializing.

Favorite time of day: Mealtime.

Follow Blue on Instagram here.


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