Ask Me Anything: Terry Porter of Porter Ridge

Discovered by the creators of Duck Dynasty, the often-shirtless star of Porter Ridge—set in Spencer, Indiana—bares his soul (and chest) Tuesday nights on Discovery Channel.

Why the aversion to shirts?

I suppose it started when I was a youngster, and it just saved ol’ Momma a whole lot of laundry if I didn’t wear one. I ain’t saying I’m stupid—if I go outside and the snow’s a-blowin’, I’ma go back and get one.

What does “hilljack” mean?

A hilljack is somebody that’s smart enough to take what you got and make what you need.

Like this potato launcher you’re holding?

Yes. I don’t own a gun. Guns are expensive, so I made a potato gun, which is cheap.

You own country auto parts. What’s your favorite car?

Fords, because I can part ’em pretty easy, but my preference to drive is Chevrolets. If I race anything, I like the ol’ four-frame Chevelle just because they’re easier to work on.

Are you a Budweiser man in the garage?

I do not drink any alcoholic beverages. My preference is Big Red if I’m not drinking water.

Wouldn’t booze make it easier to watch yourself on TV?

I don’t watch TV very often. I come in late, eat supper, maybe watch TV for 15 minutes while I’m getting ready to take a nap.

You like get-rich-quick schemes. Is the show your best one so far?

Obviously, I’ve never come up with a good one—I ain’t rich!

Photo by Tony Valainis

This article appeared in the September 2013 issue.