Culture Q&A: Brian Regan

Featured on Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, the stand-up comic Brian Regan will perform at the Murat Theatre on Dec. 14.
As a comic, you live most of your life on a tour bus. What’s it like inside?
It’s really tall, and it’s made out of diamonds. I just sit around on my diamond furniture.
That sounds painful, actually.
Yeah, but it looks nice.
Is that where you write most of your material?
No, I just read what I would normally read, go where I would normally go. I notice things, and I write them down. Then I try it live. Sometimes, the best writing takes place onstage.
In college, your nickname was Rip—as in Rip Van Winkle—because you slept a lot. Have you become more productive as an adult?
I still hit the snooze button 15 times if I don’t have anything to get up for. People say, “It’s got to be pretty annoying to wake up 15 times.” And I say, “No, it means I get to go to sleep 15 times.” That’s my favorite thing in life!