Deflategate Jokes That Don’t Fall Flat

Late-night comedy offers a jocular look at the Pats’ alleged improprieties.
Lest you could forget, the Super Bowl–bound New England Patriots (allegedly) did something with their balls in their AFC Championship win over the Indianapolis Colts. The late-night funny people can’t—not yet at least. One’s “Ballghazi” is another’s “Deflategate.”


» UPDATE: Louis C.K. was not to be outdone by his peers. The unabashed Patriots proponent informed David Letterman, obviously an Indy native and Colts fan, on the latter’s late-night show that the Pats should be praised for their alleged tactics.

» In a press conference on Saturday, New England coach Bill Belichick stated he’s “not a scientist,” and “not an expert on footballs.” Maybe not, but he’s definitely no public-relations master either. Saturday Night Live took it from there:


» Conan O’Brien recalled that this isn’t the first bad press the Patriots have faced regarding cheating:


» Jimmy Kimmel offered this PSA in the wake of Deflategate:


» Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon related the Deflategate incident to the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film:

What else have you seen out there?