Fictional Hurricane Sweeps Away LeBron, Heat

Comedian Louis C.K.’s FX series does in the entire team.

Louis C.K. accomplished what the Indiana Pacers couldn’t Monday night—he got rid of LeBron James and the rest of the Miami Heat. While the Heat were busy taking a commanding 3-1 series lead in the Eastern Conference Finals, over on the comedian’s FX series Louie, James and his teammates—and the entire state of Florida—were done in by a hurricane in an alternate reality. In a freestanding bit that had nothing to do with the rest of the loosely plotted show, a television news anchor announced:

“Sad news from Miami, as Hurricane Jasmine Forsythe has claimed the life of LeBron James of the Miami Heat. Mr. James was swept away by the storm surge that destroyed 90 percent of the Florida peninsula last night. Once again, we are reporting the sad death of LeBron James. And the rest of the Miami Heat. And 12 million other people.”

A watercolor portrait of James was displayed over the anchor’s shoulder as he read the news. Across the bottom of the TV screen, a crawl included the social media hashtag #JasmineForsythe.

Tonight in Game 5 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, it’s the Pacers who find themselves in the position of possibly being whisked away for good. But if the team doesn’t reverse course and win three straight, the season won’t be a total loss: We’ll always have that episode of Louie.