We're Sold! Great Bids at Going, Going, Gone

The live-auction play Going, Going, Gone runs every month at IndyFringe. Here, items that excited bidders.

UP FOR BID Boar’s Head. LOT DESCRIPTION A snarling piece of taxidermy from the home of artist Emma Overman (who wanted it out of her house). SOLD! A college improv troupe “bought” this (with the play money audience members are given).



UP FOR BID The Fountainhead. LOT DESCRIPTION High-quality, leather-bound copy of the Ayn Rand tome. SOLD! A determined bartender outbid an ardent college student.



UP FOR BID Inflatable monkey. LOT DESCRIPTION Six feet tall and holding a banana. SOLD! With two bidders very close, audience members chipped in to help a young boy win.



UP FOR BID Playgirl puzzle. LOT DESCRIPTION A jigsaw variety bearing the image of a shirtless beefcake holding a kitten. SOLD! Bids came primarily from men.



UP FOR BID Flowbee. LOT DESCRIPTION Classic “As Seen on TV” haircutting product. SOLD! No one remembers who won, but the auctioneer made good use of the “hair today, gone tomorrow” slogan.


This article appeared in the September 2013 issue.