Wicked Big: The Indy-Bound Broadway Hit, By the Numbers

During its first two runs in Indy, Wicked cast a spell on local audiences, sweeping in 120,000 people and $8.6 million. Those numbers got us interested in other figures from the hit musical, which returns to the Murat Theatre on Nov. 13.

Editor’s Note, March 15, 2015: It was recently announced that the first national tour of Wicked will close. Here’s an update on its by-the-numbers success and presence nationwide.
Major Awards: 35 (including three Tonys)
Soundtrack albums sold: 2.5 million
Years the novel has been on bestseller lists: 17
Actors in the touring company: 70
Number of costumes: 980
Weight of Elphaba’s beaded gown:
8 pounds
Time it takes to apply green makeup: 25 minutes per actor
Length of show: 2 hours, 45 minutes
Main-floor center seat: $75–$150
That seat’s cost per minute: $2.50
Photo copyright Joan Marcus

This article appeared in the September 2013 issue.