Indy Photographer Winner Of Apple Contest

Winning photo

Andrew Griswold

Let’s face it: Now that we all carry cameras in our phones, artsy shots of dinner plates, smiling kids, and self-photographers looking ever-so-moody are a dime a dozen. Really great ones? Well, out of millions of entries from around the world, Apple chose just 10 this week for its #ShotOniPhone challenge, and one is from an Indy shutterbug.

A panel of international judges (including Pete Souza, the longtime official White House photographer, and Annet de Graaf, the official iPhone photographer of the Netherlands) sifted through shots from Singapore to Germany to Israel that will soon be featured on billboards and in Apple stores.

Here’s what Indianapolis resident Andrew Griswold had to say about his winning shot.

How did you feel when you first found out you were one of the 10 winners?
The only word I can use to describe it is “surreal.” I mean, I’ve looked up to this campaign and the photographers that were on the very first Shot on iPhone campaign they’ve done, I think, in 2013. So, for 6 years, I’ve kept up with it and looked at the list of photographers, and it’s just unbelievable to be on the same list. It’s a dream come true.

What prompted you to enter the challenge?
Ever since I knew of the campaign, I’ve used the hashtag #ShotOniPhone on every photo I posted on my Instagram account. I posted the winning photo with the hashtag about two weeks before the challenge was ever announced. When they reached out the first time, they said they had the photo for consideration, but needed me to reshare and update it with very specific goals, like using the hashtag again and stating what iPhone I used. And within two weeks, my photo was announced as one of the winners.

What’s the next step? Has Apple reached out on what they will do with your photo?
Apple will pick up the image for various advertising pieces such as billboards, ads, and in store display though I don’t know exactly where that will be just yet.

So what’s the story behind your winning photo?
I love watching movies. So, every year, I make my way through as many Oscar-nominated films as I possibly can and take pictures inspired by them. This particular photo was inspired by the movie Green Book and the story of two unlikely characters driving through the deep South in the 1960s. The photo was taken looking through rain droplets at a graffiti piece from my car window in the parking lot behind my office, near the Murphy Building.

Andrew Griswold

Are you a professional photographer?
I am an art director and have worked with design for about 10 years now. Photography came into play about 6 or so years ago, and was a simple outlet from the day-to-day design work. Now, both of those worlds have collided as I find myself bringing much of my art direction and design work to the photo world.

On your Instagram, you list yourself as the co-founder of IGers Indy Instagram page. Who are your favorite local creatives that have been featured on the account?
Scott Crone @jscrone, Jimmy Ryan @thejimmyryan35mm, and Heather Schrock @heatheraschrock. All three of these photographers are capturing Indianapolis in a way that shows off this city and why we love it so much, from family to architecture to the small details. They all have a very specific style and continue to hone in on their craft as a creator to push it further. I love that drive.

You used an iPhone Xs to capture the winning shot. Do you have any tips for shooting on an iPhone?
Light, composition, and subject matter. Any photo you take will require the right light setting for it to come out nice. Playing with the composition and taking a few moments to line up the image will ensure a great shot. Lastly, having a subject matter—it literally can be anything.

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