Know Your Current (and Not So Current) Letterman Events

A ridiculous quiz!

1. Which of these local meteorologists did Letterman introduce as “one of the best gay weathermen in the country” at a Clowes Hall event?

A. Chuck Lofton
B. Bob Gregory
C. Chris Wright
D. Randy Ollis


vaccum2. When he spoke at the opening ceremony for the Letterman Communication and Media Building in Muncie, which of the following was not one of his “Top Ten Good Things About Having Your Name on a Building”?

A. On weekends, maintenance crew lets you ride on the floor buffer.
B. Great way to show up that jerk down the street with a vanity license plate.
C. When people say Letterman is cold and empty, they might be talking about the building.
D. No more annoying pledge-drive calls because everyone assumes you’re dead.


rutabaga3. What was the name of Letterman’s band in college?

A. The Altoona Tubs
B. The Scootch
C. The Rutabaga Manhole Cover
D. The Tinkles


toilet4. What excuse did the host give the first Letterman Scholarship winner at Ball State for not presenting the award in person?

A. Tuberculosis
B. Attending the Geneva Summit
C. Irritable bowel syndrome
D. Better things to do


canned-ham5. As a weatherman at WLWI (now WTHR), which of these pranks did Letterman not pull on the air?

A. Erasing the border between Indiana and Ohio
B. Pointing to the weather map with a fish
C. Wearing a plastic tornado hat
D. Forecasting hail the size of canned hams


mellencamp6. On the Late Show, which of these Hoosiers has presented a Top Ten list?

A. Michael Jackson
B. John Mellencamp
C. Jim Gaffigan
D. Dorothy Mengering (Dave’s mom)


7. Which nonsensical description has the announcer not used to introduce Letterman on the Late Show?

A. And now, microscopic sea creature …
B. And now, disenfranchised French youth …
C. And now, epileptic table-saw operator …
D. And now, unlicensed daycare provider …


andretti8. In Letterman’s television debut interviewing Mario Andretti at the 500 in 1971, the ABC announcer mistakenly introduced the young reporter as whom?

A. Robin Miller
B. Chris Economaki
C. Tom Carnegie
D. Derek Letterson


9. What local restaurant did Letterman’s assistant say he liked when asking our dining editor for another recommendation?

A. Bonge’s Tavern
B. Mug ’n Bun
C. Hollyhock Hill
D. St. Elmo


valvoline10. Which Indiana-related joke has Letterman not made?

A. From West Tipton, Indiana, home of the people who live in West Tipton …
B. Do you know what the average student at IU got on his SAT, Paul? Drool.
C. Top Ten Perks of Winning the Indianapolis 500: 1. All the Valvoline a guy can drink.
D. One time, while living in Indiana years ago, I killed a hitchhiker.


[Answers: 1. B 2. D 3. C 4. B 5. C 6. D 7. C 8. B 9. A 10. B]