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Quick Q&A with Paula Poundstone

You’re famous for interacting with audience members. How do you decide who you’re going to single out?

Often, if someone looks miserable, they attract me. Unless I say something to them, I feel like I’m ruining their evening.

You have a lot of pets, right?

Yes, I have 14 cats, two German Shepherds, and one ant left from my ant farm. All I do is clean.

How do you prepare for your weekly gig on NPR’s Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me?

I have a confession to make: I buy the New York Post. It folds out sideways and it has the Weird but True section. I also listen to Morning Edition and I watch at least the news wrap on PBS NewsHour, but those are things I do just because I’m a citizen. Keep in mind that I hold the record for most losses on the show.

Complete this sentence: When I think of Indy, I think of …

Fast cars. I know you don’t drive like that all the time, but when you’re in a circle, you can’t help it.

How do you think you’d fare in our famous race?

I have a terrible sense of direction. I’ve always said I could drive in the Indianapolis 500 and still get lost.