Bald & Beautiful: Colts Cheerleaders Further Unite City

One of the strongest bonds on earth seems to be between a female and her hair. And when her job is to publicly promote an organization, you can imagine the tender-loving care those follicles must receive. Over the weekend, Colts cheerleaders Megan Meadors and Crystal Anne used their full heads of hair to great effect, displaying a different kind of support. During Sunday’s Colts game, of course, the two women had their domes shaved on national television in honor of coach Chuck Pagano and his ongoing battle with leukemia, a fight that has gripped both the city of Indianapolis and the nation itself, superseding the sport of football.

It all started two weeks ago when the Colts mascot, Blue, tweeted all the Colts cheerleaders with a challenge. If he raised $10,000 for leukemia research, he wanted to shave one of their precious heads during the next home game. Megan responded within the hour, and #OperationShaveMegansHead was born. Together, Blue and Megan raised $22,670 within those two weeks.

Just as teammates stick together, so do cheerleaders. Meadors’ fellow sideline star, Crystal Anne, was her right-hand woman as they symbolically severed their attachments to years and years of pampering. The pair joins more than two dozen Colts players and staff who shaved their own heads in a grand showing of support earlier this November.

Directly after the televised shaving, this tandem was back at work on the sidelines—and just as beautiful as before. What’s more, in another gracious gesture, the women will donate that hair to Locks of Love, further proving the significance of what it means to be a truly great cheerleader.

It’s one thing to have a great team to root for—and it’s another thing entirely to be proud of the entire organization. Go Colts.

Photos via Indianapolis Colts official Facebook page