Carlie Irsay-Gordon’s Office


Filled with memorabilia and mementos, Carlie Irsay-Gordon’s office inside the Colts complex holds some of the spoils of a football family that spans generations.

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GAME BALLS – The center football–made out to then-14-year-old “Carlie ‘Corn’ Irsay”–comes from December 1995 and marks the Colts’ 10-7 win over the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs. “Yep, my parents used to call me ‘Carlie Corn,’” she says.

ORNAMENT (not pictured) – About two years ago, Jim Irsay made three snowmen, one for each daughter, out of clay. “That’s his attempt at art,” Irsay-Gordon says. Another? Whenever her dad sends birthday cards to the girls or his grandchildren, he includes a hand-drawn stick-figure-comic postcript.

BOOKS – Her shelf includes Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition, or DSM-IV, a leftover from grad school.

TEA – Irsay-Gordon gave up coffee years ago and looks to either green or Rooibos tea for a pick-me-up.

ENGRAVING – The wooden rendering is of her late aunt Roberta Irsay’s horses. Irsay-Gordon rode competitively from age 7 to 20 on a Thoroughbred named London Times.

BREAKFAST – An AdvoBar. “My trainer introduced me to them,” sys Irsay-Gordon. “A lot of the players eat them, too.”

NEEDLEPOINT – “My grandmother (Irsay) made that,” she says. Her grandmother passed away in 2008, but Irsay-Gordon and her sisters are still going through her belongings, some of which are team artifacts stored down the hall in the Colts memorabilia room.

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This article appeared in our September 2015 Issue.