EXCLUSIVE: Rolling Stone Publisher Shares Party Plan


Drumroll, please ….

The concert lineup for the highly anticipated Rolling Stone Super Bowl party—the first! ever! Rolling Stone Super Bowl party—features LMFAO, Lupe Fiasco, Cobra Starship, and Gym Class Heroes. Basically anyone responsible for a song stuck in your head over the last year and not named Adele will be rapping and rocking The Crane Bay on February 4.

Super City chatted with Matt Mastrangelo, the magazine’s publisher, for more details on the bash:

+ Dress code: none. You can wear jeans. (“It’s rock and roll,” Mastrangelo reminded us.)
+ The bands: legitimate stars. (“At Super Bowl parties, you usually get one band, two if you’re lucky. Usually you just get a deejay and some mediocre talent.”)
+ The vibe: cool, sexy. (“Not posers.”)
+ Capacity: 1,200.
+ The reason Rolling Stone decided to hold its first Super Bowl party this year: partly because the associate publisher, Michael Provus, is a Hoosier and went to IU.

The party—officially the Bacardi Bash—wiil channel Midnight in Paris by transporting attendees into different eras: the 1920s and the 1950s. The drinks, costumed models, and physical build-outs will set the mood of each era. A third section of the party will be styled contemporary. The theme pays homage to the longevity of the party’s sponsor, Bacardi, which will celebrate its 150th anniversary on Super Bowl Sunday this year. Daiquiris for everyone!

Rolling Stone will keep the party going Sunday with the Rock and Roll Tailgate, also at The Crane Bay (located two blocks from Lucas Oil Stadium). The performer for that event will be announced next week. Mastrangelo hinted that it will be a legend who hasn’t played Indy before and hasn’t toured in a couple of years.

Mastrangelo, who has been to eight Super Bowls, also mentioned that we Naptowners don’t fully realize what kind of wild circus is headed our way. “That week before the Super Bowl, the energy, the excitement, it’s overwhelming,” he says. “A once-in-a-lifetime event.”

Tickets for both Rolling Stone parties are available here and by calling The Crane Bay at 317-876-3338.


Photos courtesy of the artists’ Facebook pages