Have No Fear, Tom Crean is Here

When the Hoosiers’ head coach saw a car stuck in the snow, he did what any well-dressed celebrity sports figure would do: push.
Indiana University basketball coach Tom Crean was busy over the weekend—and not just game-prepping for today’s Big Ten opener against Iowa (4 p.m., ESPN2). Early Saturday morning, while driving home from Assembly Hall after the Hoosiers’ 93–59 win over Jacksonville, Crean stopped to help a motorist who was stranded at the side of snow-covered State Road 45, just outside of Bloomington.
On Sunday Rich Bozich of WDRB News in Louisville reported that Caleb Anderson, a 19-year-old freshman at Anderson University, lost control of his car at nearly 1 a.m. Saturday, and as he sat talking to his mother on his cellphone, a stranger tapped on the window. “It’s Tom Crean,” Anderson reportedly told his mom before ending the call.
According to Anderson, Crean, who was “dressed very nice,” spent several minutes trying to push the 1992 Honda Accord back onto the road. “The first thing he asked me was if I was okay,” Anderson told Bozich. “I told him that I was. Then he said, ‘Let’s try to get you out of here.’ It’s too bad he didn’t have a few players in the car with him.”
Crean stood by until another motorist in a truck arrived to tow the vehicle out of the ditch, and Anderson was on his way.
Hmm … Crean pushing on something that’s stuck in a ditch until help arrives to get it back on track … Why does that storyline sound so familiar?