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Hoosier Hall of Fame: In Defense of Bob Knight

THE GENERAL MARCHED the Assembly Hall sideline as he led the Hoosiers to three national championships—one of which capped a never-duplicated 1976 undefeated season. Legions squeezed into red sweaters, and wannabes drilled his motion offense. True, the man was a living, breathing personal foul. He tossed a chair during a game. Stuffed a fan into a garbage can. Perfected the light-a-fire-under-your-[EXPLETIVE] halftime attitude adjustment. After 29 years, Bob Knight was dismissed for “uncivil, defiant, and unacceptable” behavior, muddying the legacy. But he demanded excellence, graduated players, and won 902 games. He might not have the discipline he insisted on from others, but Hoosiers are richer for the contradiction.