IU Style: Introducing Hoo-Bans

IU men’s basketball remains a game short of being undefeated this season to date, and with that come expectations and hopes of many. So far, for Hoosier fans, it could be that the future’s so bright, they have to wear shades.

Introducing Hoo-Bans, makeshift Ray-Ban sunglasses with IU’s trademark candy stripes in the lenses. You can rock these for just $19.99 for the rest of this season and next and beyond. Order here or see more info at the maker’s website.

But don’t stop there. Candy-striped leg warmers, infant and toddler dresses, rugby polos, ties, pants (duh), and more styles are also available, those at the T.I.S. site.

Where does it end? IU fans are asking themselves that question right now in more ways than one.

Photo via A-maccessories.com