Katy Perry and More Performers Announced

Music lovers won’t have any shortage of big concerts to pick from during Super Bowl weekend, and a few more performers recently came to light: Katy Perry (emotional state pending) will rock the DirecTV party hosted by Mark Cuban at Victory Field, Drake will get the ESPN “Next “Party started in a downtown warehouse, and Wyclef Jean will be on the mic at the Playboy party.

Those are all private events, but not totally—a company in New York, Inside Sports, has a handful of tickets. They’ll cost you, though—most are in the league of the Rolling Stone party, a $999 ticket promising performances by four current chart-toppers. “There are a lot of parties, but there are only a few staples that happen every year,” say Matt Haines of Inside Sports. “These are ones everyone wants to go to.”

For the thrifty, The Fray is now on the menu of free performances, headlining the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl at Victory Field. It’s a general-admission event (and it takes place inside a heated tent set up on the diamond, complete with sand for a beach football game), and we hear people line up quite early that day to get in.

Who do you hope to catch live?


Photos courtesy of the artists’ Facebook pages