Living The Suite Life At The Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Lucky enough to score a pass to the IMS suites? If so, prepare to be blown away by the sights, sounds, and amenities that suite holders can procure for their guests.
Whether you’re in the Hulman Terrace suites, the Tower Terrace suites, or partying it up with the VIPs in Turn 2, you’ll be astounded by the spectacular views from the track below. The suites provide stadium seating (more comfortable than the bleachers) for guests, and there’s sure to be a seat for everyone who wants one.
Worried that you’ll miss out on the eclectic people-watching that is to be seen at the IMS? Fear not—there’s still freedom to roam the grounds with your admission ticket.
Race fans, in particular, will love the transferable pit and garage passes that come in each suite. As long as the guest is at least 18 years old with a photo ID, he or she can check out the garage and pit at any point once the gates are open.
And food lovers, rejoice! Suite holders are able to order cuisine from any one of three caterers. With each offering a wide selection of dishes, there’s sure to be something for just about anyone (but be prepared to eat at least one thing that is fried). In order to cash in on the catered food, be sure to get there by 2:30pm for lunch. And don’t forget to treat yourself to a festively decorated cupcake. Remember, calories don’t count at the track.
As far as alcohol goes, it’s up to the suite holder as to what is ordered. Wine- and beer-only orders are common for non-race days, while the hard liquor tends to be saved for more popular days such as Fast Friday, Carb Day, and, of course, the day of the 500. Each suite will have designated bartenders to concoct your drink of choice, assuming the ingredients of your choosing are readily available there.
The suites themselves are something else to behold. Air-conditioning, private bathrooms, and flat-screen TVs—oh my! If you’re looking for a more glamorous and comfortable day at the track, the suites are where you want to be. Forget about the wet bathroom floors and Port-a-Potties—suites offer guests private bathrooms that never run out of soap or paper towels, thanks to a great maid service.
A day (or two) in the IMS suites offers an alternative experience to your typical day at the track. Come ready to eat, drink, and watch some fantastic drivers do their things from a vantage point than exceeds all expectations.